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US Ambassador Commissions Michael Owen Primary School in Kamakwie

Source Awareness Times 22nd July, 2013

The United States of America (USA) Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Michael Own over the weekend commissioned the Michael Owen Primary School in Kabomboh village, Kamakwie in the Bombali district.

The school, which was originally known as the Kabomboh Community Primary School, collapsed and stopped functioning after the country’s civil war with all its pupils transferred to other schools. Following one of Ambassador Owen’s visits to the village some months ago, residents appealed for him to help in resuscitate the operations of the school as most of their children were at the time taking the strain of walking several miles to attend schools in other villages.

Few weeks after his visit, the Ambassador funded a project to reconstruct the school and furnished it with modern facilities including learning materials and furniture.

Unveiling the school, Ambassador Owen expressed thanks and appreciation to the people of Kabomboh for the warm welcome they have been giving him during his visits to the village. He said he was touched by the appeal made by the residents on behalf of their children for the school to be reconstructed. The ambassador said no country in the world will develop without education and that when once the children are well educated, there is always the possibility for that country to have a brighter future with those children.

According to the Ambassador, following the warm welcome he received during his last visit from the people, returned home and saw himself an indigene of Kabomboh and Kamakwie as a whole. He encouraged parents and guidance to make use of the facility by sending their children to the school.

Thanking the Ambassador, the Paramount Chief of Sella Limba chiefdom, Kandeh Lusenie III assured him that he was already an endorsed indigene of Sella Limba chiefdom and further expressed gratitude to the American missionaries who have been working in that part of the country since 1930. On behalf of his people, the paramount chief appealed for missionaries to strength the good relation between them and the people of Sella Limba.

On behalf of the women of Kamakwie, a representative, Fatu Wurie Bangura congratulated and welcomed the Ambassador and his team to Kamakwie and appealed to them to help in boosting agriculture and health in the chiefdom. She appealed to all the mothers in the Kabomboh village and its surroundings to send their children to the school and make them become self-reliant in the future.

Other speakers in the ceremony made meaningful contributions.