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By Martin Conteh 5th October 2015 updated 20:00

As police continues to clamp down on people that are continuously violating the laws of this country especially those that are involved in cultism homosexual and other forms of public nuisance.

The head of the Congo cross police division superintendent Mohamed Jobe has led group of police officers in a raid that saw the arrest of some people that were involved in what he called a satanic act called gay around Aberdeen.

in an interview with this medium with our reporter Martin Conteh, the head of the Congo cross police station superintendent Mohamed jobe told him that they were able to raid around Aberdeen were they found an illegal meeting going on

He describe the scene as pathetic as these boys have no right involving in such unholy acts and emphasized that homosexual practice had been seen for many years as sinful and that violators will face the full force of the law.

One of the culprits that were arrested is one Alimu Jabbie, according to superintendent jobe Alimu is notorious of such habit even in university

He further said that no sooner they finished their investigation those that found wanting will be charged to court.