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As Sierra Leone was once named as the anthem of West Africa due to it bright colours in educational performance and widely known for its natural resources across the globe, it seems its good images is about to be transform into devilish act due to Western culture and the so called practice of gayism and lesbianism trending across the country. Youths best described as the future leaders are now been brainwashed to get themselves involve in this Western Barbaric evil practices that are not part of the culture, customs and religion of our blessed land.

The depth of this evil ways of living, Even though the laws of Sierra Leone strongly condemn the practice of Gay's and lesbianism yet still our youths are seriously engage in it behind closed doors, Authorities in the second city of Bo Town has called up the attention of parents to keep close eyes on their children, whiles the local unit Commander of new site LUC Kamanda is planning to mount a new strategy due to what took place in main fenty road in Bo,

Our Provincial Correspondent covered a story of one Abdulai Alghali who according to his Uncle Mr. Alie Alghali is a practicing gay and disclosed that they have tried all their best to sojourn him from practicing this ugly and evil act of Gayism but he continue to practice it.

Mr. Alghali revealed that they have even forced him to their usually wodeh society and have forced her to marry a girl just for him to stop his evil act but to no avail and on the 20th of November 2015 in central area of the Bo Township they mobilized youths to lynched him and was handover to the Police for custody but he escaped from the hands of the Police and uptill now they are searching for him as he is nowhere to be found.

Mr. Alghali stressed described the Gay practice as Taboo to their culture, custom and religion and emphasized that there is no trace in the family circle of anyone who have attempted to practice such evil act.