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EU leaders meet without Cameron

Credit BBC NEWS 29th jUNE 2016

European Union leaders are meeting on day two of what has become a crisis summit in Brussels, but without the UK after its vote to leave the bloc.

The 27 other member states will discuss plans for the UK's EU exit, with the UK absent from negotiations for the first time in 40 years.

On Tuesday, UK PM David Cameron said continued trade and security co-operation with the EU would be vital.

Germany's Angela Merkel urged the bloc to "respect the result" of the UK vote.

She and other leaders also renewed calls for Britain to set out plans for leaving as soon as possible.

In the latest reaction:

Charles Michel, the prime minister of Belgium, said the UK "cannot afford the luxury of having a long-drawn-out political crisis", adding the EU was facing a "wake-up call" and needed to make "a bigger effort, in a concrete way, to promote the European project"

Other leaders called for the remaining 27 nations to pull together to ensure a stable future for the union

"With a disunited United Kingdom, we need a united Europe more than ever," said Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel

Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaite said the remaining leaders "need to wake up and smell the coffee"