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APC's Francis Kowa Takes Oath

By:-Our Parliamentary Correspondent Alhaji M. Kamara 25th November 2015

The long awaited dream of Hon Francis Emmanuel Kowa, to represent his people in Constituency 107, Western Area Urban finally came true yesterday, as he took his oath of office in the well of Parliament to complete the process of becoming Honourable Member in the House.

It could be recalled that Hon Francis E. Kowa was awarded the All Peoples Congress (APC) party symbol to contest the 2012 Elections against the late Hon Bliss Osho Williams, but stood down for his senior in the interest of his party.

According to the bye-election result for Constituency 107, Hon Kowa secured over 5000 (five thousand) votes as against less than 2500 (two thousand five hundred) secured by Alhaji Mustapha Kamara representing the main opposition Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP) to represents the people in Parliament.

Dressed in his white African attire with red hat, Hon Kowa was accompanied by MPs of his party together with the Minority Leader, Hon Dr Bernadette Lahai, whilst taking the oath that was administered by the Clerk of Parliament in the presence of sympathisers, family members, party supporters and the media.

Upon completion of the process, the Clerk congratulated him and gave him an envelope containing the 1991 Act No 6 Constitution of Sierra Leone, the Parliamentary Standing Order, among other items that will enabled the Honourable to participate meaningfully in accordance with the outlined provisions.