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By:- Martin Bash 26th October 2015

The issue of Gayism is on the increase in the capital Freetown and its environs, according to report filed in and concerns raised by citizens of this country pledging their dissatisfaction about the rapid growth of gay people in the society that will soon overcome most residential areas if strong measures were not put in place.

A lot of gays and lesbians have now decided to be partying and keeping meeting's in an undisclosed or slum areas as to avoid pressure from the police and community people, according to an interview with Inspector Alimu Jah he reiterated an incident that involved one Daniel Musa Mansaray who works for ONE GOAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION whom has been on police raider for quite a long time.

According to him Daniel has been eyed on several illegal meetings but always escaped the scene, on the 20th October 2015 a large number of youth's stormed the Adam's street community hall by throwing stones and threatening to kill Daniel Mansaray shouting and chanting he is a gay but lucky he escaped through the back door.

In an interview with one of the youth Sulaiman Kamara he expressed his hatred about gay people and emphasized that they will hunt and lynch a Gay or Lesbian person in their community and promised to soon catch Daniel and give him the best trial.

On the arrival of the police to coil the demonstration tear gas canisters were fired to scare away youth and the police arrested two of the ring leaders that were hunting for Daniel and his Gay Colleagues. Attempt to speak to the police as the head of the team ASP Samura told me that they are still investigating the matter.