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By Alhaji Mohamed Wusha Conteh 20 April 2013.

Following the peaceful burial of the former Chief Imam of Foulah Town Jamieu Salam Mosque Mountain Cut Al-Hajj Abu Bakarr Tejan who passed away in London last year, the Foulah Town Mosque has finally crowned the new Chief Imam of Jamieu Salaam Foulah Town Alhaji Abdul Rahman Najmul Huda Hamid at the Amaria School Elebank Street over the weekend.

The crowning ceremony was witnessed by hundreds of Muslims and host of personalities from all works of life. In his maiden speech as the Chief Imam of the Jamieu Salam, Alhaji Abdul Rahman Najmul Huda Hamid expressed his thanks to Allah for such a wonderful day in his life. He recalled the trying times and good days when he decided to give his life to the Mosque.

Alhaji Abdul Rahman Najmul Huda Hamid expressed gratitude to all for gracing the occasion as he was not expecting such an outcome. He stressed that if only such unity continues then foulah town will always be one of the best community. He called on the audience to stop the pull him down syndrome and work together to succeed, in making the Foulah Town Community the most peaceful, tolerant, loving and caring community.

In his remarks Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray lavished praises on the Chief Imam especially for his patience and obedience for almost 10 years while acting as Chief Imam and urged all to come together in supporting the Chief Imam for a successful tenure. He encouraged the Imam to continue preaching peace, tolerance and the propagation of Islam.

Alhaji Minkailu paid tribute to people who had contributed immensely in the Foulah Town Community like the Late Shamsu Mustapha, Alimamy Hunwa, Unisa, Billal Thomas, Ahmed Tejan, Taju Deen, Sheku Othman, Ade Tejan and Hamid Zubairu amongst others. He expressed his confidence on the Chief Imam for his exemplary character and prayed that Allah grant him knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

In his remarks Trade and Industry Minister, Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara who represented His Excellency the President congratulated Alhaji Abdul Rahman Najmul Huda Hamid on his new appointment and expressed his hope that all will continue to support him in his new appointment. He conveyed greetings from his Excellency the President who was absent due to some important official appointment.

Alhaji Boie Kamara boasted that the religious tolerance in the country is hard to see in any other country and this religious tolerance was demonstrated in the occasion as it was not only witnessed by Muslims but Christians as well. He assured all that the government of His Excellency will continue to foster such unity as other governments have done.

In her remarks Haja Alarai Cole catalogued the responsibilities of an Imam according to Islam and emphasized that the imamís advice may be sought in personal or religious issues and must be up right in the truth. She called on the Imam to revive Islamic heritage and expressed her dismay that because of some Islamic scholars they are now losing their tradition especially on their usual Mawlid celebration.

The occasion was chaired by Dr. Fadlu Deen who reiterated the need for an Islamic forum to address Islamic Issues. The occasion was also addressed by a Host of Imams from Fourah Bay, Aberdeen, Bambara Town, Hausa Mosque and the Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Muslim Congress Alhaji Yakuba Mustapha.