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By: - Alhaji Mohamed Wusha-Conteh 10th October 2017

In a bid to increase access to books and educational resources for students and the public the Sierra Leone Library Board on Thursday distributed 14,000 books to various schools, colleges, universities and homes for the disadvantaged persons in the country at the Library Headquarters Rokel Street.

In his welcome address the Chief Liberian Sierra Leone Library Board Mr. Sallieu Turay appreciated the beneficiaries from the provincial towns for witnessing the program. He emphasized that the 14,000 books they are going to distribute are well selected covering various levels and disciplines as they have been working closely with schools and tertiary institutions to ensure that the donated books fit the needs of these educational institutions.

Mr. Turay disclosed that they are enjoying a profound strategic partnership with Book Aid International as they work in partnership in providing books, resources and training to support literacy, lifelong, learning and reading for pleasure. He emphasized that the distribution is as a result of the productive partnership with Book Aid International.

Mr. Turay said that they hope that the donation will help build collection of books in schools, colleges, universities and homes for the disadvantaged as they believe that books are steps you climb for the progress of human being. He expressed his hope that the books and educational resources could be of great help to our learners and readers.

Mr. Turay said they are donating various new books for a readership that ranges from pre-school children to university. He thanked Book Aid International for their good partnership in helping the 21 libraries in the country.

In his address the Chairman of the Sierra Leone Library Board Professor S. P. T. Gbamanja expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Chief Librarian and staff for making tremendous strides in bringing the Library Board up to speed with great things. He commended him for empowering provincial libraries all over the country which are well equipped with recent books and he found exited readers during his tour to various libraries in the country.

Professor Gbamanja disclosed that they will be donating prizes to the best children’s corner and thanked Book Aid International for helping them have a renovated and refurbished Children’s corners in five libraries. A member of the board, Mr. Solomon R. Fofanah in a brief statement said that this is not the first time books current and recent books are being distributed around the country. He thanked Book Aid International for coming to the aid of the government to provide such books

Rev. Olivia Harding another board member said that the books about to be distributed meets the need of every category of students noting that the Professor Gbanmaja commission made a very good recommendation that every school must have a functional library and not a book store

Rev. Harding noted the five basic laws in librarianship one of this he said is that Books are meant to be use, they are not junk materials. He commended Book Aid International for carefully choose their books donation and they are indeed relevant to our learning institutions.

In her remarks the Administrative Assistant and Head of Programs at the Sierra Leone Library Board Mrs. Theresa Conteh said that the Library strives to help create a culture of reading and provide recent and modern books and urge beneficiaries to make good use of the books and libraries nationwide.

Mrs. Conteh thanked Book Aid International for their continued support and pray they will continue to help build the Human Resource of the country. She extended her thanks to the board for their usual support in empowering management and staff of the Sierra Leone Library Board in ensuring that they are able to provide books to remote parts of the country.