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One year on from Sierra Leone's deadly mudslide

By: - AFP 15th August, 2018

It is twelve months since a giant mudslide swept through a mountain top and brought mammoth death and destruction to a poor district of Sierra Leone's capital Freetown below, leaving the world gasping for the right response.

The national pain from that tragedy still presents an open wound even though a lot has happened in the political scene since then with survivors struggling to come to terms with huge challenges in their lives,

Sierra Leone has elected a new President in the person of Julius Maada Bio.

As something of a puritanical purifier, Bio announced the banning of all economic activities at Sugar Loaf Mountain where the deadly mudslide had emanated as his country held a day of remembrance on Tuesday.

Living by his latter day reputation, Bio warned of prosecution against construction works in the area as his government inherits the task of dealing with the aftermath of a natural tragedy that had all the hallmarks of a man-made recipe for national disaster.

Over 1000 people were killed and countless others maimed for life when part of the mountain located in the west end of Freetown caved in and buried hundreds of houses on the foot of the hill with people trapped inside.

It followed long hours of torrential rains across the capital, which caused flooding in other parts of the city.