By Alhaji Mohamed Wusha Conteh 22nd August 2013

Education is the birth right of every Muslim Man and Woman as Islam puts considerable emphasis on its followers to acquire knowledge. Investment in education is the best investment one can make, because it eventually leads to intellectual property which is an intangible property that no one can steal or destroy.

Education is the property on which no Government can levy tax. It was as a result of this that Haja M’balu International Islamic School at 9 Abidjan Street Lungi thought it prudent to open an Islamic Nursery School that was launched by the Senior Inspectors of Schools Mr. Mohamed S. Fofanah at a ceremony held on the school compound on Tuesday 13th August, 2013.

In his address Mr. Mohamed S. Fofanah reiterated that it is the prerogative of government to ensure a compulsory early child education so that kids will acquire sound education in order to prepare them for primary education. He disclosed that soon the Ministry will embark in attaching nursery to all primary education facilities in full compliance with the government white paper on the report of the Gbamanja commission of enquiry.

Mr. Mohamed S. Fofanah emphasized that Education should cater for the growth of Man in all its aspects: spiritual, intellectual, imaginative, physical, and motivate all aspects towards goodness and the attainment of perfection. He stressed that the ultimate aim of Muslim education lies in the realization of complete submission to Allah on the level of the individual, the community and humanity at large.

In her remarks the proprietress Inspector Haja M’balu Mansaray emphasized that it is an undeniable fact that the Christians started establishing nursery institutions as a means of transforming and preserving their religious culture and tenets. She opined that the failure of Muslims to realize that education is tailored towards some particular socio-historical and civilization contexts, made them register their children and wards into these Christian oriented schools. Before they realized it, their children had started praying in Jesus name, the little Islamic culture imbibed from home was technically knocked out of their hearts.

Inspector Haja M’balu Mansaray catalogued the aims and objectives for setting up an Islamic nursery school which she said is to prepare and train the future generation to work as agents of Allah on earth. To inculcate in the child the sense of love, care, affection; humility, equity, honesty, integrity, justice and other values based on Islamic ethics. She further said their aims and objectives includes to develop in the child a spirit of enquiry and creativity through the exploration of nature and local environment so that they will become conscious of their responsibilities to develop themselves and their environment for the benefit of human race and his consequent accountability in the next world

In his remarks the supervisor of school in lungi Mr. Sahr P. Boima commended the school for their strides to produce a conducive Islamic environment for the proper upbringing of the children, as the child have the right to be raised as responsible Muslim adults and parents must ensure that right appropriately. He stressed that parents must be conscious and takes an active role in guiding their children and families on the path of truth.

Mr. Sahr P. Boima emphasized that education should aim at the balanced growth of the total personality of Man through the training of Man’s spirit, intellect, rational self, feelings and bodily senses. He said that the general goals of nursery education are to effect a smooth transition from home to school and to provide adequate care and supervision for the children while their parents are at work; to help the child to adjust to social norms and to teach the child the basic academic skills.

In her vote of thanks Kadiatu Duwai stressed that education is indeed very important, but the significance of religious education for a balanced personality must not be overlooked. She stressed that the world is producing a generation that knows a lot, but greatly deficient in moral and spiritual values. She further said that the Prophet Muhammad (s) said: “Every one of your (people) is responsible, and everyone is responsible for whatever falls under his responsibility. A man is like a shepherd of his own family, and he is responsible for them” (Bukhari and Muslim).