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By: - Ibrahim Tarawally of Concord Times 9th September 2017

A sierra Leonean, Alusine Conteh of Magbapsa village, Port Loko district has been declared wanted by traditional leaders.

According to reports gathered by this press, Conteh is coming from a ruling house of Magbapsa section in the Port Loko district known as: the Conteh ruling House and has been instrumental in pushing the issues affecting his people in the village. As per tradition, section chiefs come from ruling houses across the provinces of Sierra Leone and if one wants to become a section chief, he/she must first belong to a ruling class.

Our investigations revealed that the Conteh?s have ruled for so long with about four section chiefs crowned under its name.

A source within told this medium that March 15 2017, when it was the turned of Alusine Conteh to be crowned as section chief as tradition demands, the chief then played tricks and instead choose to give the crown to the Bangura?s even though they have no business in Chieftancy as they are not from a ruling house.

It came out clearly from our independent investigation that a riot broke out at Kambia Malakuray, Port Loko districts, were the Paramount Chief resides and operates from, between the Conteh's which is a ruling family, and the Bangura's who had wanted to hijacked the chieftancy from Alusine, an action which many people believed was done by the Paramount chief. Our sources further states that, Alusine Conteh ran in to the shrine of the Paramount Chief as he was been persecuted by the Bangura's in other to gain safety. On entering the Shrine of the Paramount Chief, a place where only senior Paramount Chiefs are allowed to enter, Alusine was deemed to have committed a crime, which penalty is to go through the normal initiation as tradition demands. Alusine was not prepared for this, as he thought that would cost him his life, as he was to undergo it as a penalty.

In the process of the riot, the staff of authority was missing and it was alleged by the authorities that Alusine Conteh stole it, hence he was declared wanted.

As the Chief's came to the know of the missing Staff, they then went to court to seek redress as the staff is a property of the Ministry of Local Government. A friend close to Alusine informed him of the matter in Court, and that if found guilty, he would be sentenced to life imprisonment.

On hearing the news from his friend, Alusine Conteh has since been on the run and his whereabouts is still unknown.