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By: - Alhaji Mohamed Wusha-Conteh 29 November, 2014 updated 20:00

In a bid to enable students keep track of the present radio teaching programs aired through various radio stations in the country. The Sierra Leone Book Trust (SALBOT) over the weekend distributes over 100 radios to students of Mambolo, Matehtie, Makombo, Rokel, Matimpeh, Kobya Royolon, Makoth and Kasirie in the Kambia District.

In his remarks the founder of Book Trust Mr. Salieu Turay commended the Ministry of Education for initiating the radio teaching program which according to him has made a lot of impact in improving the learning process as the Ebola outbreak has caused school to be closed. He noted that after conducting a survey on the impact of the radio teaching program they found out that most children did not have access to radios to follow up the programs especially in distant villages and towns.

Mr. Turay reiterated that since their organization aim at promoting education in the country they thought it judicious to help students with these radio sets to follow up on the radio teaching programs. He encouraged the girl child not to involve in anything that will break their schooling as their educational career is more important than early marriage or pregnancy.

Mr. Turay emphasized that the current electronic learning students will improve their skills in digital learning, communication, collaboration, listening and presentations. He ended up by thanking his partners for their valuable support and contributions in this our crisis time and encouraged them to do more.

In his remarks the Principle of the Scarcies Secondary School Mr. Philip Turay said that the initiative for electronic teaching is a laudable venture as this will introduce students into new technology, as it engages and challenges students with brand new and interactive methods. He encouraged other institutions to emulate the good initiative of the Sierra Leone Book Trust as most students in the provinces do not have access to radio.

In his remarks Paramount Chief Bai Shebora Lion 11 describe the initiative as very supportive to the educational system in the country and called on students to make good use of the radio sets. He cautioned them not to over crowd whilst listening to radio programs and informed them that they will set up monitoring team to ensure that they always listen to the radio teaching programs.

P.C. Lion admonished them to follow strictly with the laws to eradicate Ebola in the entire district and thank the Sierra Leone Book Trust, Ministry of Education for their concern in the education of their children despite our current Ebola predicament.