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By:- Editorial Desk 27th July 2015

Report reaching this press states that a man identified to be a notorious hacker for the former Vice President of Sierra Leone Abu Bakarr Sidique Sam Sumana is presently on the run.

The man in question Abdul Rahman Deen Kamara was working with a team at state house installing overt and covert cameras around the vicinity of state house in order to address the security aspect in and out of state house. But after the sacking of the Vice President the security has found out that there is hidden equipment that was network directly to the Vice President office.

According to a security working in the control room at State House he disclosed that when they discovered the strange wireless equipment they tried to investigate and found out that it has a link with the office of the Vice President, after some investigation carried out and an immediately meeting summon for the installers the person suspected to carry out that dubious activities is Abdul Rahman Deen Kamara whom they say is now on the run.

Presently, there is a security search for Abdul Rahman Deen Kamara and a token of Le 10,000,000 (Ten Million Leones) has been set aside for anyone that will give information leading to the arrest of Abdul Rahman Deen Kamara.