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By:- Alhaji Mohamed Wusha-Conteh 9th December 2015

Report filtering in the office states that a night raid led by the Local Unit Commander of the Ross Road Police Station Superintendent Fullah and his team has successfully stormed a hideout party organized by a group called Lesbian Association around Black Hall Road in the eastern part of the capital city and arrested a good number of girls.

In an Interview with this medium, Superintendent Fullah told our reporter that they have received so many complaints against this group of girls that are in the habit of violating the laws that govern the country and involve in public nuisance, disturb peaceful citizens by playing loud music. He emphasized that the law makes it very clear that it is a crime for someone to engage in such act at night disturbing other people when they want to rest.

Superintendent Fullah disclosed that they acted on a tip-off that night at around 3 in the Morning and they discovered in the scene that there was a loud music and saw some girls half naked with rum and some smoking something that look like a ban substance “Djamba”. He revealed that they were able to storm the compound and arrested 10 girls whilst some escaped the scene but they were able to gather so much evidence in the crime scene that make it very easy for them to charge the girls to court as soon as possible.

In an interview with one of the girls that escaped the scene, Assiatu Musa Bongay she admitted that the group Lesbian Association do exist as they are proud of their sexual orientation but denied that they were involved in any public nuisance as they were holding their meeting quietly and no one in any way caused any problem for the storming of the Sierra Leone Police to disrupt their meeting and accused the police of rape.

Madam Bongay who hailed from Bo Town emphasized that because of people denial of their existence, they live in constant fear: fear of the police and officials with the power to arrest and detain them simply because of their sexual orientation. She said that they live in fear that their families will disown them, as it is not unusual for lesbian, gay bisexual, and transgender people to be forced out of their family homes when their identity becomes known.

Madam Bongay disclosed that she was forced from their family home in Bo because of her sexual orientation and she suffered out in the cold thus become homeless, have no food, and resort to awful work in order to survive. She told our reporter that she was by a lesbian friend and they both travelled to Freetown where she is a bit better but now that the police had arrested her she is in fear what to do next.