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By Alhaji Mohamed Wusha Conteh 28th October 2015 updated 20:00

The Issue of Gay is on the increase in and around the Eastern Province of the country Kenema District. Report states that authorities in the Kenema township are really concerned over the increase of Gay and Lesbians in the township and they are presently exploring ways and means to curb the uncalled for menace in the township.

In an interview with chiefdom elder Komrabi Lavahun he described the development as worrying and expressed his dissatisfaction of the satanic act as this is against their culture, tradition and religious belief.

He further said they are determined to use all kind of means to curb the situation in their township as this is a disgrace and curse to their customs and traditions which they have hold and cherished for years.

Elder Lavahun cited an incident that involved one Ali Kamara who was the key role member, as many eye witnesses have eyed him in several occasions and express dissatisfaction about him and the entire group of such satanic group in Kenema. But noted that a serious search is on-going to apprehend all those involved in such human acts.

Elder Lavahun reiterated that they will do all in their powers to frustrate and discontinue such barbaric group as the boys and the entire group faced humiliation, discrimination and neglect to an extent that they will face trial in their traditional bush as he does nothing regard their tradition and custom.

He warned parents to monitor their kids and admonished members of any local non-governmental organization and District Human Right organization not to tolerate people who violate their custom and belief.